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Ken Kalb

CEO / Founder

Mr. Kalb is one of San Diego's most successful serial entrepreneurs. Over the past 30 years, he has co-founded and led four companies including Emultek, Continuous Computing, SearchRev, and Analog Analytics, to home run exits.

Mr. Kalb has expertise in telecommunications infrastructure equipment, embedded computing systems, internet advertising, and generative AI applications. He holds five US patents, two provisional patents in generative AI, and was the lead inventor of the use of the QR code estimated to be used by nearly a billion people every day.

He has also won numerous technology awards including the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2005.

Julian Kalb

Co-Founder, Marketing Director and Prompt Engineer

Julian brings ten years of experience in visual arts and theatre to marketing RowBotAi to enterprise customers. Previously he worked as a marketing director for an AI company focused on the legal market.

He co-produced "Life Inside Out" with his father. The warm-hearted independent family film won nine Indy film awards and co-starred Billie Eilish’s brother and mother.

Jan Drake

Co-Founder & CTO

Strategic technology exec who converts vision into execution, aligns and accelerates business outcomes for companies and customers, and thrives on what some consider impossible – “Can’t” is merely someone else’s opening perspective.

Dana Stetson

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Over twenty years of experience as a Senior Sales Executive. Previously he has sold AI / ML based solutions on a global scale to Fortune 500 companies. Concentrating on the financial services industry, Dana has empowered more than six companies as a VP of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer to attain target revenues and exceed goals resulting in extraordinary valuations and exits.




Founded in February 2023, by Ken Kalb, Julian Kalb, Jan Drake and Dana Stetson, the company is on mission to bring the power of voice conversation to generative AI applications. In a few short months, with a modest engineering team, the company is now launching a robust platform for revolutionizing the 400 billion dollar call center and chatbot industry.

The seasoned team of technologists recognized early on that applications such as customer and technical support as well as HR help desks were huge markets that could be rapidly optimized with a step function increase in customer and user satisfaction.

Our mission is to bring the power of personalized conversational voice AI to every business that has struggled with disseminating information at scale accurately, and empathetically to their customers.

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