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RowBotAI Omni Channel HR Support Center Platform

Give us your content and we will give you an HR Support Center.

Only RowBotAI empowers your employees to have a voice, and text conversation directly with your HR policy content and payroll calendars.


For the first time, employees can speak with and text to a RowBotAI without human intervention. Employees get empathetic, accurate, and thorough responses to routine questions freeing HR staff to focus on genuinely problematic issues. To deploy, RowBotAI provides you with a dial-up telephone number. Employees simply dial text and speak with the AI.


Here are a few examples of the types of questions, based on your policy documents, that can be answered:

  • What is your policy on diversity?

  • What does it mean to be an “At Will Employee?”

  • Please explain “Non solicitation?”

  • When will my next paycheck arrive?

  • Do I get a break after four hours?

  • Am I 1099 or W2, and what is the difference

  • Is there a 401K?

  • How long is maternity leave?

Any documented matter can be enhanced with comprehensive and accurate information through the RowBotAI platform. Moreover, documented content can change over time so that the AI responds in accordance with your requirements.

At the end of every conversation, an email or text summary is produced. This can be sent to the employee for follow-up, or used by the HR team for sentiment analysis and analytics to continuously optimize the HR experience. All calls are recorded for quality purposes.

Ultimately, time-consuming questions that require research and expert knowledge can now be answered on the RowBotAI platform 24/7 with an AI agent. Operational costs can be reduced by 75% and customer satisfaction can increase by 10X.

Specifically, the omnichannel platform offers:

  • 100 X Increase in call traffic

  • 25% of the cost

  • Nearly 100% First Call Resolution (FCR)

  • 100% fully automated

  • Nearly 90% Call Completion Rate (CCR)

  • 60-second updates on conversational content

  • 30% decrease in Time Spent (TS)

  • Deploys with a dialup telephone number / API

  • 10 X increase in customer satisfaction

  • Zero human intervention


Deployment Requirements

  • Provide RowBotAI with your HR policy documents, payroll calendar, management messages, and other information that you would like for your AI to respond to. Remember, in order to respond correctly, the AI must digest and use your documentation.

  • Testing and Tuning. In this phase, we ask for the type of greeting you would prefer. We have lots of examples and our customer service team makes it simple to choose. This generally takes about two days after we receive your documents.

Deployment and Rollout. In this phase, we provide you with the AI and dedicated phone number for final approval. Most clients test with a handful of employees for a few days and then roll out the service to the entire team.


The RowBotAI HR Support Service platform is implemented in three ways: Front Line Support,
Whisper Coach, and Background Call Response.


  • Front Line Support provides callers, and employees with an immediate and direct connection to the RowBotAI call agent. The AI fields questions by voice or text. In the event that a caller would like to speak with a live agent, the caller simply asks for a “live agent, or operator,” and is immediately connected to a person.

  • Whisper Coach is a hybrid model. In this workflow, the AI listens to the live conversation between the caller and the live call agent. In the event that the live call agent needs additional support for a topic they are unfamiliar with, they can invoke the AI to respond with a text message or through voice. In effect, there are three entities participating in the conversation; the caller, the live agent, and the RowBotAI artificial intelligent call agent.

  • Background Call Response is an offline, non-real-time response mechanism to questions that are in the voice, text, chat, or email queue. Often, responses to questions can require input from several responders or simply be incomplete. The RowBotAI can work in the background processing these questions and responding autonomously.

Customer Service

  • Customer service is provided from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (local time zone) Monday through Friday and is accessed by sending an email to There is no charge for customer service.

  • Document change control. From time to time, your policy documents will change. Send RowBotAI an email concerning your request, and a support person will reach out to capture the documents and any specific tuning. Again, there are no charges for document updates to the AI for the normal course of operations.

HR Voice Examples

To experience firsthand the ease of conversational RowBotAI, please click and listen to any of the following links from live recorded demonstrations.

SP Data HR
Wells Fargo HR
Google HR Policy
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