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RowBotAI Omni Channel Call Center Platform

Give us your content and we will give you a call center with personalized conversational commerce.

Only RowBotAI empowers your customers to have a voice, text message, chat, and email conversation directly with your content. 

For the first time, customers can text, chat, email, and speak with an AI for technical support, compliance, or even entire government agencies. Any documented matter can be enhanced with comprehensive and accurate information through omni-channel communication. Time-consuming questions that require research and expert knowledge can now be answered on the RowBotAI platform 24/7 with an AI agent who responds with empathy, thoroughness, accuracy, and patience.

Specifically, the omnichannel platform offers:

  • 100 X Increase in call traffic

  • 25% of the cost

  • Nearly 100% First Call Resolution (FCR)

  • 100% fully automated

  • Nearly 90% Call Completion Rate (CCR)

  • 60-second updates on conversational content

  • 30% decrease in Time Spent (TS)

  • Deploys with a dialup telephone number / API

  • 10 X increase in customer satisfaction

  • Zero human intervention


Detailed Features

  1. Personalized Content
    RowBotAI utilizes specific and current policy documents and ingests them into a Large Language Model facilitating near-perfect conversational responses without the need for human intervention. The documents can be any file format and length. The personalization element is tuned to say what a company wants to say and how it wants it said. Equally important the content can be instructed on what not to say as well.


  2. Commerce
    This component is used to take an action as a result of the conversation. This can include an email or text response that contains a link for a survey, advertising, marketing, rewards, and payments. It is also content and context-aware, and can be triggered by customer requests to further engage. 


  3. 24/7 Service
    RowBotAI provides uninterrupted call response services, ensuring employees, customers, and all stakeholders receive immediate answers to their queries at any time. This eliminates the need for wait times and enhances the overall employee and customer experience.


  4. Deployment
    The RowBotAI telephony platform deploys through the use of a simple telephone number. All of the functionality remains in the cloud and runs on AWS, Azure, or on-premise customer cloud providing high performance and unlimited callers.


  5. Dynamic Content Updates
    Content updates can be ingested into the system. Any file format such as documents, spreadsheets, and tables can be ingested in minutes and then immediately deployed for conversational voice access. In addition, the platform supports web scraping and REST APIs for third-party data sources and applications such as CRMs, ERPs, and payments.


  6. Trimodal WorkFlow

    • First Line Support

      Many call centers utilize RowBotAI to field first call, text, chat or email inquiries. In almost every case, the AI agent is able to answer, address, and resolve the customer’s questions. In instances where the AI call agent is unable to provide a satisfactory response, a caller can press Zero and be forwarded to a human operator for further assistance.

    • Real-Time Joint Response from the AI Call Agent and Human Call Agent

      In this case, the human agent begins to answer the customer’s questions. However, because the platform integrates with any call center technology such as Genesys, Intercomm, Salesforce, or Microsoft Teams, the human agent can invite the AI agent into the conversation in real-time. For example, the human agent could be asked an extremely technical question like “How do I change the oil in my 1962 Chevrolet Corvette”. The human call agent could speak directly to the AI call agent and then simply read the response back to the customer in real time.

    • Post-Event Technical Support

      RowBotAI has the ability to ingest the incoming text, email, or voice inquiry, produce an answer in the respective channel in which it was received, and respond at scale asynchronously to the event itself. Calls, emails, texts, and chat messages may be received, but for a variety of reasons there is either no response, a limited response, or possibly waiting to respond after receiving additional information such as order status or account information. Here, RowBotAI can create a response to these messages individually and reply through the channel in which it was received. This can dramatically alleviate the backlog of customer inquiries at the end of each day within minutes. 

  7. Dynamic Change Control
    Call center requirements and voice responses change constantly. The platform provides version change control for each document that is ingested so that it can be created, edited, and deleted from the system.


  8. Omnichannel Interface
    The platform supports voice, text messaging, chat, and email conversations with an AI agent. This includes third-party support for Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Apple Messenger, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams and others.


  9. Email, Text, Chat, and Email Summaries
    System configuration settings can be implemented to send summaries of conversations to users, groups, and administrators from any channel. These summaries can be used for analytics, sentiment analysis, and compliance. This also aids in identifying patterns and potential issues regarding policies and documentation.


  10. Confidential Conversations
    The platform guarantees that all employee, constituent, and stakeholder interactions are private and confidential, enabling them to share their concerns and speak freely without fear of privacy breaches. User content is never used to train the LLMl.


  11. Empathetic AI Call Agent
    The AI Agent demonstrates a high level of empathy and understanding, creating a supportive and positive environment that aids problem-solving and trust-building.


  12. Training and Tutorials
    RowBotAI serves as an effective tool for employee onboarding and ongoing training, providing clear explanations and fostering self-guided learning.


  13. Personalized Branding
    The platform allows companies to customize the AI responses, creating a consistent brand experience for customers and employees.


  14. Privacy and Compliance
    RowBotAI adheres to strict data protection regulations, ensuring the confidentiality of employee information. Confidential data is not used to train the LLM.


  15. Improved Employee Satisfaction
    By providing instant, accurate responses, the platform improves overall employee satisfaction and productivity.


  16. Scalability
    The platform can scale with ease to support growing organizations. For voice and text messaging applications, additional telephone numbers can be deployed within minutes to support tens of thousands of simultaneous calls for any enterprise application.


  17. Efficiency and Time Savings
    By answering repetitive queries, the platform allows resources to focus on strategic initiatives.


  18. Enhanced Analytics and Insights
    The platform provides actionable insights through analytics of summaries, helping improve policies and employee/customer experiences.


  19. Continuous Updates
    Regular updates ensure that the AI Call Agent is always evolving, maintaining a state-of-the-art telephony platform.


  20. User Feedback Mechanism
    Users have the opportunity to rate their interaction and suggest improvements, fostering a user-centered approach to service evolution.


  21. API Integration
    The platform can integrate smoothly with existing systems and databases. Content output can be integrated with CRMs, email, and accounting systems such as Oracle.


  22. 24/7 Support
    Technical support is available round the clock to ensure uninterrupted service.


  23. Adapts to policy and information changes
    No programming, configuration, or delays. Your documented tuning changes and context requirements are reflected instantly in accordance with the brand narrative.


  24. Customizable Reports
    Reports can be customized to provide the most valuable insights to each organization.


  25. Additional Language Support
    The platform offers multilingual support, catering to diverse employee populations in any time zone or geographic location. Available Q4, 2023.


  26. AI Call Agent Mute Response
    AI Call Agent listens to the conversation but does not respond. Feature is used to provide call summaries. Available Q4, 2023.



  1. Cost Savings
    By automating repetitive tasks, companies can save significantly on existing enterprise IVR costs.


  2. Employee Satisfaction
    24/7 service and instant, accurate responses improve the overall employee experience.


  3. Efficient Call Center Operations
    The platform frees up existing call center resources to focus on strategic tasks, leading to a more efficient agency.


  4. Dramatically Reduced Workload
    Call center employees and operations can be reduced with easy to maintain and update processes for document control and content.


  5. Brand Consistency
    Call center employees and operations can be reduced with easy-to-maintain and update processes for document control and content.


  6. Improved Compliance
    By providing accurate, up-to-date information, the platform reduces the risk of non-compliance with existing policies.


  7. Inclusive Work Environment
    Multilingual support makes the platform accessible to diverse teams, promoting an inclusive work environment.


  8. Automated Incident Documentation
    Automated call summaries are provided for each call occurrence.

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