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  • Kenneth J. Kalb, CEO of RowBotAI

RowBotAI Provides a Conversational Voice, Text, Chat, and Email for Your Content

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

RowBotAI is the leading provider of generative AI conversational voice, text messaging, chat, and email for customer content. Customer content can include any file type, web-based URLs, and integration with third-party data sources with a REST API. Designed for scalability, reliability, and availability the platform deploys with a dial-up telephone number. It is ideally suited for enhancing customer support and service.

Give us your content and we will give you a call center

Whether your content pertains to HR policy, technical support, compliance, or even the scope of an entire government agency like the Department of Motor Vehicles, RowBotAI can help reduce operational support costs by 75% and increase customer satisfaction by a factor of ten.

The AI omni channel voice, SMS text, chat, or email-enabled call agent responds with empathy and accuracy for every call and event. Time-consuming questions that require research and expert knowledge can now be answered by the AI call agent 24/7. This frees knowledge workers to resolve the most complex and challenging issues within an organization. Moreover, voice, text, chat, and email support events can be summarized with a text or email message facilitating analytics and sentiment analysis for seamless optimization.

With email and SMS, text responses come with powerful call-to-action functions. This can include an embedded link for payments, advertisements, discount offers, further information, or surveys.

Importantly, only RowBotAI provides comprehensive tuning and personalization incorporating each company’s brand narrative and requirements. The AI answers customer questions exactly as you prescribe for every call. Put more succinctly, the AI says what you want it to say, and how you want it to say it.

As a highly scalable network platform, RowBotAI also incorporates a robust document control system for managing content that complies with telco-grade Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning (OAM&P) procedures. For example, content documents can be added, modified, and deleted dynamically ensuring the AI response is a single source of truth and always in accordance with brand requirements.

Finally, the RowBotAI code base is completely extensible. Any Large Language Model (LLM), including OpenAI, or a custom on-premise model can be deployed, depending upon customer requirements.

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