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HVAC Manufacturer Lead Generation

Dealer Locator Program for Retail Customers


A world leader in HVAC equipment is challenged with collecting phone generated Lead contact information, tracking the Lead through the sales cycle, relaying the contact information, and lead qualification data, as well as products of interest to both the HVAC dealer and HVAC corporation.

Currently, the call center who supplies approximately 100-150 call agents, cannot capture contact information, product interest, caller requirements, or qualifying questions, metrics on how many calls reach any given dealer, or when calls convert to sales. In summary, dealers don’t know who’s calling from a lead that is generated. Moreover, neither the dealer nor the retailer knows who is calling in advance. Contact information such as their name, telephone number or email address, products of interest, the degree to which they’re qualified, and most importantly if the lead is being generated by the HVAC company. Are unavailable.

There is no baseline for measuring conversion rates. Without analytics it is impossible to measure, increase or optimize the conversion rates.

This new workflow, incorporating RowBotAI voice conversion platform addresses all of the issues above.

Among the tasks and new workflows to be completed are the following:

  • Engage a sympathetic AI Call Agent (Bot) with inbound callers.

  • Provide an interactive conversation so that the caller can ask questions about products and dealers who sell them.

  • Capture and qualify the lead by the Bot engaging with the caller to determine urgency, and basic requirements.

  • Capture lead contact information by phone through the use of RowBotAI voice conversation, caller ID and follow up SMS txt message to the caller

  • Bot will ask what zip code the caller is calling from and confirm the mobile number that they would like a follow up txt to be sent to.

  • The follow up SMS txt will include the dealer contact information  (up to five dealers) and other configurable calls to actions potentially including:

  • Product information pertaining to specific products they were asking about such as specific heaters with links to datasheets on the website.

  • Promotion codes with time-dependent discounts (expiring) creating a sense of urgency, referral codes, and other incentives

  • A survey which can, in addition, capture an email or a secondary promotion

  • The call summary, as well as contact information, will be sent to the Backend CRM.

  • This data can go through sentiment analysis as well as analytics to provide lead generation, optimization, and conversion rates.

  • The call data information will be sent to the Backend CRM API for CRM integration

  • The system must be capable of handling 600,000 calls a year or approximately 50,000 calls a month in North America.

HVAC Manufacturer Lead Generation

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HVAC Manufacturer Lead Generation

Dealer Locator Program for Retail Customers


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