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  • Kenneth J. Kalb, CEO of RowBotAI

Generative AI and The Road to Elysium

Generative AI for Call Centers by RowBotAI

Today, the Generative AI marketplace is being flooded with point products and application-specific platforms. Over time, the ability to have a voice, text, chat, and email conversation with your content will become table stakes in the world of productivity increases based on Generative AI.

The potential to tactically put Generative AI to work for specific use cases within the enterprise will almost always be problematic. Existing systems, hardware, applications, human capital, operational procedures, and even prior vendor relationships stand in the way of cathartic change and material cost-effective performance increases.

RowBotAI is already the leading provider of conversational text, chat, voice, and email for contact centers. Our differentiators, however, are meaningful for enterprise clients.

First - RowBotAI provides multi-channel conversational AI with the ability to maintain state within the channel (i.e. voice, text, chat, and email) and across communication channels. This means a customer could begin a conversation pertaining to technical support with a voice call and complete the conversation days later using text or email. Regardless of how a conversation meanders, through any given channel, RowBotAI maintains the thread and state of a channel so that employees and customers can finish their thoughts and get the information they need to complete their task.

Second - RowBotAI offers a workflow engine. Every enterprise has a specific use case or workflow for its customer or employee journey. One company may want an HR platform that guides each employee through a new benefits package, while another company may be onboarding new customers with discounts for multi-year subscription services. RowBotAI implements each workflow with a proprietary document-centric process that facilitates each customer's workflow goals. Other companies focused on transactions at the shopping cart could create a workflow that engages a customer to complete their purchase by reviewing the cart, calling the customer on their mobile number, and inviting them to participate in a loyalty or rewards program with a single click in their text messaging application. The workflow engine is straightforward to define and deploy.

Third - Document revision control which is easy to use and implement, is equally critical to the challenges of personalized conversational commerce and customer-centric solutions. Every company utilizing Generative AI faces the challenge of dynamic content updates as new products, services, compliance, mandates, and procedures change. RowBotAI’s elegant UI and UX facilitates document management in a way that is familiar and facile for all users.

RowBotAI integrates these three pivotal technologies and provides customers with a solution that empowers The Road To Elysium for Generative AI applications at scale.

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