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  • Kenneth J. Kalb, CEO of RowBotAI

RowBotAI is A Single Source of Truth for the 21st Century Call Center and Contact Center

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

RowbotAI is a Single Source of Truth for 21st Century Call Centers

What does a single source of truth have to do with the 21st century call center? Everything.

Existing call and contact centers, by definition, are highly distributed. There can be thousands of support agents of varying skills, language fluency, and knowledge levels trying to deliver the correct answer to fellow employees or customers.

In most cases, as organizations scale and content complexity increases, the consistency of messages becomes problematic. Leaving aside the challenge of training employees, maintaining document revision control and accuracy across different business units is frequently error-prone. One group within a company may have trained on version 1.0 of the documentation set. Subsequently, the accounting department that was late in receiving the content has determined that version 1.2 is correct. This is a frequent and common occurrence.

Moreover, in the real world, the support team that answers email might be very different from the team that fields incoming telephone calls, and others who may be responsible for responding to chat and text messages. Different groups of employees rarely receive their training from a single data set.

RowBotAI, using proprietary and advanced Generative Artificial Intelligence, has solved this problem in two ways. First, the AI functions as a single centralized data repository and a single source of truth. The content about a specific matter sits in a silo. It is managed with sophisticated document control processes and procedures. The data resides in one spot and is not highly distributed, as is the case today. The data becomes vastly more accurate as a result.

Second, in addition to centralizing the content for accuracy and ease of management, RowBotAI has built a “State Machine” to maintain the state of conversations simultaneously across voice, text, chat, and email communication channels.

RowBotAI is the only company that can deliver conversational AI with omni-channel continuity across voice, text, chat and email.

For example, a customer might call a technical support center on Monday asking how to reboot a cable modem. Tuesday, the same customer emailed about the cable modem and power supply. Wednesday, the customer sent a chat message regarding cables. Thursday the customer makes a phone call to technical support. The AI asks about all of the prior issues.

Upon conclusion, RowBotAI sends an email summary of the services provided, thanks the customer, and includes a survey and a coupon rewards link for their next purchase.

Only RowBotAI can deliver customer content through conversational AI on any channel and maintain state. However, there is something much more profound about this unique product offering. It provides a single source of truth for content and changes the call and contact center model from highly distributed to entirely centralized.

The data for customer content becomes centralized and exists only in one place. The content is managed with the RowBotAI document revision control system. It is designed specifically for AI context and content. So, whether the content is composed of files, web scraping, or connected with a REST API to third-party applications, data is more accurate, centralized, and available to customers and employees as a single source of truth.

Imagine a call and contact center where nearly every question was answered accurately, thoroughly, and empathetically based on one up-to-date corpus as a single source of truth. Better yet, imagine the reduction in operational costs if thousands of voice calls and text messages receive minimal human intervention and a step-function increase in customer satisfaction.

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