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  • Ken Kalb

How to Deploy and Use RowBotAI in the Call Center

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

RowBotAI is the leading provider of personalized conversational commerce. Give us your documents and we will give you a call center that is capable of omni-channel conversation including voice, text messaging, chat, and email. It deploys with a dial-up telephone number.


To deploy RowBotAI for voice and text messaging, the only requirement is a telephone number. The platform can be called directly from a mobile phone or any messaging service such as Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Apple Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and Skype among many others. This architecture enables RowBotAI to be implemented in minutes with zero friction to the existing call center infrastructure. For more complex system integration requirements, RowBotAI can be deployed with our REST API to CRMs, ERPs, and payments systems.

Three Usage Modes for the Call Center

First Line Support

Many call centers utilize RowBotAI to field first-call inquiries. In almost every case, the AI call agent is able to answer, address, and resolve the caller's questions. In instances where the AI call agent is unable to provide a satisfactory response, a caller can press Zero and be forwarded to a human operator for further assistance.

Real-Time Joint Response from AI Call Agent and Human Call Agent

In this case, often called the whisper mode, the human call agent begins to answer voice or text questions from a customer. However, because the platform integrates with any call center technology such as Genesys, Intercom, Salesforce, or Microsoft Teams, the human call agent can invite the AI call agent into the conversation simultaneously and in real time. For example, the human call agent could be asked an extremely technical question like “How do I change the oil in my 1962 Chevrolet Corvette”. The human call agent could speak with or text directly to the AI call agent. The human call agent could then read the response to the customer or simply forward the answer through email, chat, or text messaging.

In all use cases, a summary of the conversation can be produced. It can be used by the call center for analytics and optimization. Importantly, it can also be forwarded to the caller so that they have written instructions on how to achieve the requested task.

Moreover, the summary can include links for a survey, additional information, loyalty, coupons, and reward offers as well as payments in the form of credit card transactions. Importantly the ability to support omni-channel conversational AI facilitates security, privacy, and encryption. Enterprise customers use voice and chat as information and knowledge channels while text and email can be used for commerce and secure payments.

Specifically, when the caller asked how to change the oil for their vintage Corvette Stingray, they could have also received a text message link to purchase oil at a discounted price or use a coupon for redemption when they shop at their local retail store.

Asynchronous Post-Event Technical Support

Every call center is challenged with countless calls, emails, text messages, and chat session inquiries that go unresolved in real time. This of course disenfranchises the customer from the brand. Only RowBotAI has the ability to ingest the incoming text, email, chat message, or voice inquiry, and produce an answer in the mode in which it was sent at scale.

Here’s an example. Let’s say a call center receives 1,000 text chats from their chatbot user interface on the website a day. Also, let's assume there are 1,000 voice calls and 1,000 email messages a day as well. Let’s further assume they can only address 50% of the incoming chat, voice, and email messages. With RowBotAI, each form or channel of messaging can be ingested into the platform and responded to as a text, email, or voice answer. To be clear, if you call and ask a question, RowBotAI will call you back and answer with a voice response. If you send a text message, we will respond with a text message back to your mobile phone. Finally, if you email a question, we will email a response back to you in kind.

This extraordinary sea change in the way call centers function enables RowBotAI to give your organization a 75% reduction in cost and a 10 X improvement in customer service.


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